Car Survivor Hall of Fame

Car Survivor Hall of Fame
Car Survivor Hall of Fame

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Car Survivor 3 - Huntsville's Most Addictive Game!

Who can outsit, outplay and outlast their competition?  To be crowned the champion of Car Survivor, it's pretty simple.  Or is it?  Just sit in a Honda Accord longer than the other players.  Simple.  But try that at the 100 hour mark.  Try that in 100 degree heat!  Try that with thousands of people watching your every move on two live streaming cameras!  Privacy is a thing of the past!  It's no holds barred! Do any of these applicants have what it takes?  We are whittling down our list of over 40 applicants down to the five most determined, most charismatic players.  All seem eager, all seem a little odd, but only one will be Car Survivor 3 Champion!

Click here to find out the nitty-gritty on the contest. 

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